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Desire to give back leads to pursuit of firefighting career

JIBC Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate grad Yousif Safar credits local firefighters with helping keep him on the right path as a kid. Now he wants to follow in their footsteps to do the same for others in the community. (Story and photos by Wanda Chow)


Yousif Safar credits firefighters for keeping him on the straight and narrow as a teenager. Now he wants to follow in their footsteps to give back to the community in the same way.

Yousif, 25, came to Canada as an Iraqi refugee when he was just a few months old. He grew up in a low-income neighbourhood where it was really easy to get into trouble, he said.

But then he discovered wrestling.

His older brother used to wrestle competitively and Yousif would always go to watch when he was still in elementary school. One day at a practice, he was given a chance to try out the sport, wrestling with another team member’s sibling.

He loved it. He loved the strategic aspects of the sport as well as the fact it helped him burn off so much energy.

“When I got to Grade 8, the coaches were firefighters. They set up this whole program, they had been doing it for years, all on their own time. They were giving so much back to the community.”

His coaches encouraged him to focus on wrestling instead of other, less positive distractions, even paying for him to attend training camps and helping him fundraise.

Eventually, Yousif became a member of Team Canada, wrestling at the 2007 Pan-American Wrestling Championships in Panama City, and representing Team BC in Japan. These opportunities to represent Canada and BC were all because of the firefighters who mentored him. read more »

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JIBC firefighting grad receives community spirit award

2015_0612_FFTC-SS_MDCanada1-650x300smJIBC firefighting graduate Stephen Sanderson (third from left), receives an award from Jeannine Spurgeon of Muscular Dystrophy Canada at the Maple Ridge Campus, with Dave Wallack (far left), Program Manager for Firefighter Programs, and Peter Grootendorst, Director of JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division, and Richard White, Coordinator in JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division. (Photo and story by Richard Chu)


Over the past year, JIBC firefighting graduate Stephen Sanderson has demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment for a good cause.

While completing his training at JIBC to become a firefighter, he was motivated to support people living with neuromuscular disorders after listening to a presentation by Muscular Dystrophy Canada at JIBC’s Maple Ridge Campus.

“When Muscular Dystrophy Canada came out to JIBC last year, I honestly didn’t know much about muscular dystrophy at the time,” he said. “But, it inspired me to start my own events to raise funds and promote awareness of this disease.”

Last summer, he ran up the Grouse Grind in full firefighter turnout gear, along with other JIBC firefighting students in his class. And in May, following months of training, he ran the full 42-kilometre BMO Vancouver Marathon in full turnout gear. Both events helped raise nearly $15,000 to support programs provided by Muscular Dystrophy Canada. read more »

Fire & Safety Division Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate School of Public Safety

Class in session

JIBC Firefighting Students Training at JIBC's Maple Ridge CampusFirefighting students training to put out a major building fire at JIBC’s Maple Ridge campus


It’s the classroom that’s engulfed in flames every time it’s used, but never burns down. It’s a litmus test for aspiring firefighters that defines whether they have the aptitude and courage required to embark upon a career in the fire service. It’s the Burn Building at JIBC’s Maple Ridge campus, which students become very familiar with while in the JIBC career firefighter pre-employment certificate program.

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