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Emergency Management Division Justice Institute of British Columbia School of Public Safety

Be the one keeping communities safe

August 11, 2016 - Vancouver, BC - Photos for JIBC. Photos by Jimmy JeongTara Stroup oversees the emergency program for the City of Port Coquitlam. Thanks to her training in emergency management at JIBC, she helps ensure the city is prepared in case of a disaster.
(Story by Wanda Chow / Photo by Jimmy Jeong)


A major fire was burning at a strip mall in the downtown area of Port Coquitlam. Senior city staff were arriving to take their posts at the city’s emergency operations centre. Tara Stroup, emergency program officer for the City of Port Coquitlam, was there, ready and able to guide them thanks to her training at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

“The courses at JIBC have helped me to feel confident in my role of leading senior staff in an activation activity,” she said. “They came in not really knowing what to do and I was able to stay calm and assertive and guide them in the different aspects of what they needed to do in order to fulfill that process.”

Tara has worked a total of 15 years in the emergency management field with three different municipalities. She currently manages Port Coquitlam’s city emergency program, including ensuring staff and volunteers are trained, and conducting annual exercises so they’ll all be ready when disaster hits.

It was a role she first inherited as an administrator in a local fire department and which she came to enjoy. As a mother of four, well versed in the art of planning, coordinating and juggling activities and schedules, it was a natural segue into the field.

“Emergency management is an extremely dynamic field with so much work, it’s incredible.”

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Emergency Management Division School of Public Safety

JIBC degree helps emergency managers keep communities safe

Syblle Sanderson BESMS Graduate (2015)Sybille Sanderson is one of the first graduates of JIBC’s Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies. (Photo and story by Richard Chu)


Floods, fires, and earthquakes. Bombings, hostage situations, and terrorist threats. These are just some of the scenarios that emergency management professionals have to help their communities address in today’s complex world.

JIBC has developed a number of applied, academic programs that provide the skills, theories and best practices for existing emergency management professionals, and for those looking to enter this growing field.

JIBC’s Emergency Management Division provides the full spectrum of education from one-day training courses to academic certificates, diplomas and degrees in emergency management and public safety.

Sybille Sanderson, Emergency Program Coordinator for the Cowichan Valley Regional District on Vancouver Island, is a JIBC graduate who recognized the need to be a lifelong learner to best support her community in an emergency. Since she started her career in emergency management 16 years ago, she has completed many courses offered by JIBC’s Emergency Management Division including Emergency Social Services and the Emergency Management Certificate.

In February 2015, she became one of the first graduates of JIBC’s Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies (BESMS) program.

“I always wanted to complete a bachelor’s degree, but I was looking for one that was actually going to be applicable to my field,” said Sybille. “When I heard JIBC was launching its degree, I said, ‘Sign me up!’”

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