JIBC supports landmark firefighting training in the Yukon

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Earlier this year, the Fire & Safety Division (FSD) at JIBC participated in the largest training event held to date in the Yukon.

More than six dozen firefighters from 17 departments in the Yukon Fire Service participated in the week-long training seminar and meeting held in the Whitehorse area in the last week of January.

JIBC taught two of the six courses conducted during the training conference: Fire Service I and the Incident Safety Officer course.

“This whole event really was a coup for the Fire Marshall and his staff,” according to a report in the newsletter of the Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs. “It should have long term, positive consequences as the Yukon Fire Service moves forward confidently towards compliance and accreditation with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and occupational health and safety standards.”

Internationally accredited training

JIBC was chosen to provide some of the training courses because of its experienced instructors and international accreditation. JIBC is accredited to 36 levels of NFPA standards through the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and the Pro Board Fire Service Professional Qualification system.

Over the years, FSD has increased the number communities where it provides fire and rescue education and training. In addition to training personnel in B.C., it also regularly offers courses in Quebec, and in countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Yukon is the latest region where FSD has provided education and training.

“It’s a new area in Canada that we hadn’t had significant involvement in the past, but now it appears we have a strong presence,” said Keith Boswell, a FSD coordinator at JIBC. “They liked what we were able to deliver and we are looking to grow our presence over time. We’ll repeat some of the courses we have offered and our anticipation is that we’ll expand based on their needs in other areas.”

Story by Richard Chu

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