JIBC student among 40 international students selected to go on exchange to Taiwan

Jordan Wagner, a JIBC Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies student, took part in an unforgettable international study experience in Taiwan this past summer.


Having the opportunity to spend two weeks in Taiwan this summer was an invaluable experience that Jordan Wagner isn’t soon to forget.

The JIBC Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies student was one of 40 international students from eight different countries selected for the annual two-week Discovery Camp offered through the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Consortium, of which JIBC is a member.

This year’s camp was held in early August 2019 and was co-organized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat and Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.

“UMAP exceeded my expectations,” Jordan said. “They planned everything from class lectures to field trips and also provided us with free time to explore Taiwan. It was a fun, easy and exciting program that allowed a well-rounded experience.”


Students had a diverse schedule learning about the island’s language, culture and economy and visiting unique sites such as the National Palace Museum, a tea farm and semi-conductor factory.

“In my free time, I got to go coast-to-coast tasting new food, exploring the old streets of Shiding and Sanxia, night markets of Shilin and Huaxi, hiking the mountains of Thousand Island Lakes, seeing the night lights of Taipei City from the top of Elephant Mountain and watching a traditional Taiwanese opera.”

For Jordan, the camp was a great opportunity to expand his educational experience at JIBC, travel overseas to broaden his cultural lens, and get to know university students from across Asia, the U.S. and Canada.

“My understanding of other cultures has definitely improved,” he said. “I formed new friendships with others from all over the world and met people that I will never forget. As I move forward towards a career in law enforcement, I will take the stories I now have in order to connect to others in a way I would not have if I did not participate in UMAP.”

He added: “I am proud to call myself a UMAP alumnus and I would recommend any student to take advantage of an opportunity to study abroad.”


JIBC students interested in exploring study abroad opportunities can contact their program representative or the JIBC Office of International Affairs at international@jibc.ca.


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