JIBC Law Enforcement Studies Diploma contributes to success of newly hired deputy sheriff

Jordan Zanotto - 2015 Deputy Sheriff GraduateJordan Zanotto credits JIBC’s Law Enforcement Studies Diploma program for contributing to his success in becoming a deputy sheriff in B.C. (Submitted photo; story by Richard Chu)


Thanks to his JIBC education, Jordan Zanotto, 21, is well on his way to a successful career in law enforcement – a goal he has had for as long as he can remember.

“Working in any law enforcement agency provides a great opportunity to help people and serve the community. That’s why I have always wanted to become a law enforcement officer,” he said. “The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that I have the opportunity to help someone in need.”

To reach his goal, he applied and was accepted into JIBC’s Law Enforcement Studies Diploma (LESD) program, which is a unique academic program that provides prospective law enforcement officers with the applied skills and specialized knowledge needed to be sought after candidates in a highly competitive recruitment process.

Jordan was three courses away from graduating from the LESD program when he was successfully hired to become a deputy sheriff with BC Sheriff Services in January 2015.

He credits the education and experience he gained through the LESD program for helping him become a sheriff.

“The LESD program shaped me into the individual I am today,” he said. “Through the program, I became more confident as an individual while receiving a detailed understanding of how the justice system works and how to handle tough situations. It also helped me understand what is expected of me both on and off duty.”

Thanks to the education he received in the LESD program, his sheriff recruit training went smoothly, helping him to advance towards his graduation in May 2015.

Following his sheriff training, Jordan plans to complete the requirements to graduate with a Law Enforcement Studies Diploma.

For those considering a career in law enforcement, he advised:

“The LESD program is some of the best training you will receive as a student, so strive to achieve your best every day. Be a team player throughout the program and be open and willing to listen and consider other people’s ideas. And always conduct yourself in a professional manner inside and outside of class and at work, because you never know who may be watching. And don’t be discouraged. It’s never too early or too late to pursue a career in any field of law enforcement.”

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