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Fire chief’s recommendation led fire grad to JIBC

2016_11NOV10_FFTCGrad_LindsayAnderson_WC1 650x300

JIBC Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate grad Lindsay Anderson says the program’s length gave her the time to develop ways of completing firefighter tasks that work for her. (Story and photos by Wanda Chow)


Lindsay Anderson’s path towards a career as a firefighter really started with insight gained during more than a year spent as a spa coordinator.

“It was a lot of desk work and I realized I wasn’t happy doing that,” recalled Lindsay, 26.

The Ontario native had come out to the West Coast, to Victoria, to continue representing Canada in women’s rugby, playing and training full-time with Rugby Canada’s national women’s sevens team, with which she was capped to compete at an international tournament in the US.

After deciding the spa gig was not for her, Lindsay switched to a landscaping job that allowed her to work outdoors. In between, she volunteered with Saanich Search and Rescue, putting in the required 150 hours to be fully certified in ground search-and-rescue techniques.

“I love being physical and challenged. A couple calls out and I really realized how much fun it was being on a team and searching and helping. I really felt like I was making a difference.”

So she turned to her father, a veteran firefighter in Ontario, and expressed an interest in following in his footsteps. Her dad, in turn, talked to his fire chief who recommended the Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC) program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

“It was recommended and I thought it would be best to take the fire chief’s recommendation. It would be silly of me not to,” she said with a laugh.

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JIBC firefighting grad ready to serve in B.C.’s Peace Region

Jayden Ockenden - JIBC Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate Graduate - Class 5 - 2016

Kamloops native Jayden Ockenden has always wanted a career where he could make a difference in someone’s life. He had initially planned to pursue a career in law enforcement. But spending his summers as a wildland firefighter while he studied at SFU helped him discover his true calling as a firefighter.

“I loved the camaraderie, the team work, and knowing that I was doing something meaningful and important,” said Jayden who played on SFU’s football team in his first year. “I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else after that.”

To realize his career goal, Jayden was encouraged to complete his firefighter training at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

“I was fortunate enough to know a Captain from Kamloops Fire Rescue and was advised to go to JIBC as it’s one of the most prestigious fire academies around,” said Jayden, who was in Class 5 of the new Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC) Program. “He was not wrong. JIBC was everything I was hoping for and more.”

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JIBC firefighting grads make a difference in Belize

2016_OneWorldBelize_Collage1-blog-600x300smFive recent JIBC graduates of the Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate Program provided firefighter training in Belize earlier this year (Story by Richard Chu).


Each year, JIBC’s firefighting graduates have an opportunity to apply for a special course where they travel overseas to support basic firefighter training in a developing country.

This year, five students had the opportunity to travel to Belize on a three-week deployment that saw them travel across the country to visit each of the country’s 17 local fire halls, train local firefighters, and get involved in the community.

This special program is made possible with support from the Fire Rescue International Training Association (FRITA) and student scholarships from the Irving K. Barber One World International Scholarship administered by the Victoria Foundation with additional support from JIBC.

For each of this year’s One World Scholarship recipients, the experience was an eye-opening one that made a significant impression in their lives.

“We traveled to all the different fire halls, and we quickly realized that while they don’t have all the equipment that we have at home, they have the same passion that firefighters here have: they want to go to work and are proud of being a firefighter,” said Cody DiSalvo, one of this year’s One World students who was among the other JIBC graduates who shared their experience in a presentation at the New Westminster Campus in April. “It inspired all of us, to be proud about what we were doing. We had a great experience and learned a lot.”

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Top reasons future firefighters complete their training at JIBC


Students who are accepted into JIBC’s Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC) program come with varying degrees of knowledge and experience with essential firefighting skills. But a remarkable transformation occurs with every graduate who completes the program.

“By the end of the FFTC program, each graduate has become exceptionally proficient with the skills they need to earn their NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] qualifications,” said Richard White, a retired assistant fire chief and JIBC’s Coordinator of Firefighter Programs. “They are ready to serve as professional firefighters in the community.”

Just how effective the program prepares JIBC grads was illustrated in the fall of 2015, when a group of FFTC students, a few days away from completing their hands-on training, helped save the life of a teenager involved in a major motor vehicle crash in Maple Ridge.

“The training really paid off,” said Lance Masocol, from FFTC Class 3. “We got on scene and we didn’t even have to think about what we needed to do; we just knew what we had to do. That’s one of the things I gained going through the program.”

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JIBC firefighting students help save the life of a teenager

FFTC Class 3 Students Save LifeWindsor Wong, Brandon Kaye, Lance Masocol, Kristoffer Nicholas, Matthew John from Class 3 of the Fire Fighter Technologies Certificate were first on the scene of a crash in Maple Ridge on October 28, 2015 (Photo & story by Richard Chu)


A 17-year old survived a horrific motor vehicle incident with the assistance of JIBC firefighting students.

On October 28, five students in the latest class of JIBC’s Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC) were on their way to tour a fire hall in Abbotsford when they arrived on the scene of an accident at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and 287 Street in Maple Ridge.

The crash involved a silver pickup truck driven by a 17-year-old and a white pickup truck carrying four Chinese occupants in their mid-60s. The silver truck was wrapped around a streetlight pole, and the white truck had significant damage on the front passenger side of the vehicle.

Witnesses to the crash were having little success in trying to save the teenager, who was pinned in the vehicle. read more »

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JIBC firefighting grad receives community spirit award

2015_0612_FFTC-SS_MDCanada1-650x300smJIBC firefighting graduate Stephen Sanderson (third from left), receives an award from Jeannine Spurgeon of Muscular Dystrophy Canada at the Maple Ridge Campus, with Dave Wallack (far left), Program Manager for Firefighter Programs, and Peter Grootendorst, Director of JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division, and Richard White, Coordinator in JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division. (Photo and story by Richard Chu)


Over the past year, JIBC firefighting graduate Stephen Sanderson has demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment for a good cause.

While completing his training at JIBC to become a firefighter, he was motivated to support people living with neuromuscular disorders after listening to a presentation by Muscular Dystrophy Canada at JIBC’s Maple Ridge Campus.

“When Muscular Dystrophy Canada came out to JIBC last year, I honestly didn’t know much about muscular dystrophy at the time,” he said. “But, it inspired me to start my own events to raise funds and promote awareness of this disease.”

Last summer, he ran up the Grouse Grind in full firefighter turnout gear, along with other JIBC firefighting students in his class. And in May, following months of training, he ran the full 42-kilometre BMO Vancouver Marathon in full turnout gear. Both events helped raise nearly $15,000 to support programs provided by Muscular Dystrophy Canada. read more »

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JIBC firefighting grad defies the odds for a good cause

Stephen Sanderson, JIBC firefighting grad who completed the BMO Vancouver Marathon in full firefighting gearStephen Sanderson, graduate from Class 100 of the JIBC Career Fire Fighter Pre-Employment Program (now the Fire Fighter Technologies Certificate), ran the BMO Vancouver Marathon in full firefighting gear to build awareness and raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy Canada (Screenshot of BT Vancouver Athlete of the Week video; story by Richard Chu)


For many people, just crossing the finish line of the BMO Vancouver Marathon is an accomplishment. But Stephen Sanderson set himself a seemingly impossible goal: complete the 42-kilometre run wearing full firefighter turnout gear.

That means running one of the top marathons in the world wearing an extra 45 pounds of gear, including firefighting pants, jacket, helmet and air tank.

A JIBC firefighting graduate who completed his studies in 2014 and is now an on-call firefighter for Lions Bay Fire Rescue, Stephen decided to set himself this challenge to raise awareness and funds to support people living with muscular dystrophy, a neuromuscular disorder that causes symptoms such as progressive muscle wasting, weakness and loss of function.

In a Vancity Buzz story, he said, “Muscular Dystrophy Canada inspired me about a year ago when I met a person named Stephen who came out and talked to us when I was in firefighting school,” said Stephen.  read more »

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Becoming a firefighter: JIBC firefighting graduate looking forward to serving the community in the Fraser Valley

Adam Iwama, 2014 JIBC CFFPEP graduateAdam Iwama is a recent JIBC graduate embarking on a meaningful career as a firefighter in Abbotsford. (Photo and story by Richard Chu)


When Adam Iwama, 33, was looking to transition from his work in the field of kinesiology, there were a few essential qualities he was looking for in a new career. It had to have a focus on helping others, entail teamwork, and have a certain level of physicality. He found those aspects, and more, in a career as a professional firefighter.

Last year, to gain the essential knowledge, skills and industry qualifications to embark on his new career path, he completed JIBC’s career firefighter pre-employment program, which was updated last summer as the Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC).

In a relatively short period of time, after going through the rigorous recruitment process, Adam was recently hired as a firefighter for the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service. read more »