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Educational resources for volunteers responding to the Ebola crisis in West Africa

RedCrossEbolaScreenShot650x300smVideo screen shot of Red Cross personnel supporting the global effort to respond to the Ebola outbreak. (Story by Richard Chu)

Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada continue to support the global effort to respond to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As of November 19, 2014, there have been nearly 15,000 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of the Ebola virus disease reported in six countries in West Africa.

The Red Cross continues to appeal for personnel from a wide range of health-related professions from nurses and physicians to psychological and social support workers, water and sanitation engineers, and infection prevention and control workers.

To ensure the safety of its personnel and volunteers, Red Cross responders receive specific and intensive Ebola training that includes proper protection measures. To support those who are considering responding to the call, there are several free online JIBC courses available that can help prepare responders for deployment:

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Paramedic Academy School of Health, Community & Social Justice

Kelowna paramedic students gain real-world experience at local nursing home


Hands-on, experiential education and training is a hallmark at Justice Institute of British Columbia. Engaging in active training simulations is one way students learn to apply the knowledge they have gained. But students also gain first-hand knowledge through various opportunities in the community as a result of the meaningful partnerships between JIBC and local public safety agencies and organizations. Recently, students in Kelowna’s Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Program had the opportunity to gain some experience at a local nursing home.

Kelowna PCP student Jenna Espersen shares some highlights of her cohort’s experience. read more »

Paramedic Academy School of Health, Community & Social Justice

Volunteering an eye-opening experience for JIBC paramedic students in Kelowna

Kelowna PCP 15-06 Group PhotoKelowna paramedic students in Cohort 15-06 have been volunteering and supporting some of the most vulnerable members of their community


JIBC Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) students in Kelowna have embraced an opportunity to give back to their community, and in the process, gain a deeper appreciation of the challenges facing people living in vulnerable circumstances.

Over the past two months, PCP students in Cohort 15-06 based out of JIBC’s Okanagan campus have participated in volunteer activities with the Gospel Mission Homeless Shelter, Interior Health’s Street Nurse Community Outreach and HOPE Outreach.

PCP students Emma Jameson and Jenna Espersen recently shared their cohort’s experiences so far. read more »

Paramedic Academy School of Health, Community & Social Justice

JIBC Primary Care Paramedic Program going paperless

JIBC PCP students with their iPad mini tabletsStudents in the Primary Care Paramedic Program at JIBC’s Chilliwack campus were the first class to have their required reference materials available in a digital format (Submitted photo)


Student teams in the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) program at JIBC don’t have to lug around heavy binders anymore. The program has taken a significant step closer to being completely paperless.

Last month, teams of four PCP students in Chilliwack started using Apple iPad mini tablets to access their required reference materials. The change was part of an overall redesign of the PCP program and eliminated the need to carry printed materials, particularly 2,400 pages of course materials required per team that describes more than 400 paramedic simulations practiced as part of the curriculum. read more »

JIBC in the Media Paramedic Academy School of Health, Community & Social Justice

Rick Mercer: Paramedic for a day

On September 9, 2013, our Kelowna campus hosted a notable and enthusiastic Canadian visitor: the one, the only Rick Mercer and his team from CBC Television’s The Rick Mercer Report.

While filming took place, the rest of JIBC was sworn to secrecy until the show aired on October 15.

The spontaneous invitation came from read more »

Centre for Professional Health Education School of Health, Community & Social Justice

JIBC program helps protect society’s vulnerable

Nicole Byrne

Rewarding. Dynamic. Diverse. That’s how Nicole Byrne describes her job as a Community Care Licensing Officer (CCLO) with Northern Health in Terrace, British Columbia.

She travels extensively throughout northern BC to enforce regulations that help to protect children, youth and adults in licensed community care facilities.

“Each day is different – there is nothing typical about my job and it’s certainly never boring,” she said. read more »