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Be the one building relationships

There was a time when Anna Richards had a tendency to avoid conflict. Thanks to JIBC’s Conflict Resolution training, she now faces it head on and incorporates those lessons into her work as a counsellor. (Story by Wanda Chow /  Photo by Jimmy Jeong)


Anna Richards was working as a wildland firefighter when she got promoted to leader of a fire crew. But while she knew how to dig a fire line and use a chainsaw, negotiating interpersonal matters was all new to her.

“My strategy was to be ‘easy going.’ I thought that if I treated everyone like they already knew what to do, that they would feel comfortable and motivated and would just ask questions along the way,” she recalls. “When conflict arose, I just hoped it would take care of itself.”  

Ultimately, she learned that in that kind of leadership vacuum, people get confused about their roles and responsibilities. That experience helped her recognize that conflict intimidated her and that by avoiding it, she had not been as effective a leader as she wanted to be.

Anna left her firefighting career and went on to earn her master’s degree in counselling.

“When I decided to become a counsellor, I promised myself that I’d do whatever it took to gain the skills I needed to face conflict head on.”

Anna learned about the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) from a JIBC instructor who gave a workshop at her workplace and impressed her with his skills and ability to hold a room.

She was inspired to pursue a certificate in conflict resolution, specializing in third-party mediation. The Centre for Conflict Resolution emphasizes experiential learning, where students role-play difficult conversations with each other under the guidance of a coach. read more »

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Sherri Calder: JIBC Instructor of the Year instilling vital conflict resolution skills in future justice and public safety professionals

Sherri Calder, JIBC Instructor of the Year 2013Sherri Calder selected as JIBC’s Instructor of the Year. (Photo and story by Richard Chu)


One of the best compliments any instructor can receive is the feedback that what they have taught has made a difference.

Sherri Calder regularly hears such stories from students in the conflict resolution courses she teaches through the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) Centre for Conflict Resolution and in the Law Enforcement Studies Diploma (LESD) Program.

“Many of my students have told me they speak differently to their partners, family members, work colleagues and supervisors,” said Calder, who is the latest recipient of JIBC’s Instructor of the Year Award. “It’s very applicable in their daily lives.”

It’s even more valuable for those responsible for maintaining order and keeping people safe. read more »

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Sailing to victory: Yacht skipper gains the leadership skills at JIBC to win a race around the world

Eric Holden, winning skipper in 2014 on the Clipper Round the World RacePhoto courtesy Clipper Round the World Yacht Race; Story by Richard Chu

 As a competitive yachtsman, Eric Holden has overcome the fierceness of Mother Nature to win many races.

Recently, as a skipper in the 2013-2014 Clipper Round the World yacht race, he led his international team to victory after sailing through hurricane-force winds in the Southern Ocean and squalls reaching 120 kilometres an hour (65 knots) while traversing the North Pacific.

“I think one of the biggest things the crew appreciated from me was how I kept calm when things were getting rough,” said Holden. “If I’m not freaking out, they’re not freaking out. And we got through some pretty big storms to get the job done.”

His extensive sailing experience and meteorological background helped him navigate rough seas and stormy weather. But ensuring smooth sailing among his 55-member team and steering them to victory involved a different set of skills. For those, he turned to Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). read more »