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Be the one inspiring your team

August 10, 2016 - Vancouver, BC - Photos for JIBC. Photos by Jimmy Jeong

Christine Dunsworth, manager of sales for Whitecaps FC 2, says the leadership training she received at JIBC will help get her team to the next level. (Story by Wanda Chow / Photo by Jimmy Jeong)


Fan. Avid soccer player. Sales professional.

For Christine Dunsworth, it was a natural fit when she was first hired as a group sales representative for Vancouver Whitecaps FC during its inaugural Major League Soccer season. Three-and-a-half years into her tenure, she was promoted to manager of ticketing for a new property, Whitecaps FC 2 of the United Soccer League, which was gearing up for its first season.

That’s when she had her first moment of self-doubt.

“I felt honoured that my directors believed in me enough to give me the responsibility of overseeing all sales for a brand new property, but was terrified because I had never supervised a team and we had so little time to pull it off,” Christine said.

She needn’t have worried. In her first year in the role, she was pleasantly surprised to find she had enough experience and know-how to implement and execute successful programs, resulting in her team creating a solid foundation to build upon.

But Christine still wanted some formal training to support her managerial efforts. That’s where the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) came in.

“As our JIBC instructor says, most people get promoted because they were good in their previous role, not because of their leadership abilities,” she said. “I know my job and what my team has to do to be successful, but I knew that I could use some training to help get our team to the next level.”

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JIBC leadership course takes leadership training to the next level


LEAD 104 1


Ever since Paul Ferguson decided to take his first course at JIBC in 2014, he hasn’t stopped learning. In June 2015, he graduated with JIBC’s Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution, and he is furthering his education to complete the Certificate in Applied Leadership.

“I enjoyed the courses so much, I just want to continue,” he said. “I didn’t stop and I fully intend to continue and come back to learn more.”

An important component of the Certificate in Applied Leadership is a new Leadership Simulation Capstone course, which Paul completed in the spring. This immersive learning experience is unique for leadership training programs. Offered only at JIBC, the capstone courses gives students the opportunity to apply, in real-time, the leadership theory and skills they’ve gained.

“This is a high energy, fun, engaging and deep-learning experience,” said Georganne Oldham, one of JIBC’s respected leadership instructors and a co-developer of the capstone course. read more »

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Sailing to victory: Yacht skipper gains the leadership skills at JIBC to win a race around the world

Eric Holden, winning skipper in 2014 on the Clipper Round the World RacePhoto courtesy Clipper Round the World Yacht Race; Story by Richard Chu

 As a competitive yachtsman, Eric Holden has overcome the fierceness of Mother Nature to win many races.

Recently, as a skipper in the 2013-2014 Clipper Round the World yacht race, he led his international team to victory after sailing through hurricane-force winds in the Southern Ocean and squalls reaching 120 kilometres an hour (65 knots) while traversing the North Pacific.

“I think one of the biggest things the crew appreciated from me was how I kept calm when things were getting rough,” said Holden. “If I’m not freaking out, they’re not freaking out. And we got through some pretty big storms to get the job done.”

His extensive sailing experience and meteorological background helped him navigate rough seas and stormy weather. But ensuring smooth sailing among his 55-member team and steering them to victory involved a different set of skills. For those, he turned to Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). read more »